Mobile industry has taken roots globally. Every industry is seeking for better gains from the prevalence of mobile usage. This has seen creation of different platforms supported by mobile technology to embrace the growing needs and desire of the various industries with interest. Programmatic advertising is one among the recent entrants into the industry and gaining popularity massively.

Mobile programmatic advertising is a new model of advertising through use of application that acts on behalf of humans. The process entails sourcing, buying and selling of mobile ads through an automated system. Through this system little or no human intervention is required and this increases convenience to the industry in a great way.

Traditionally, the process of buying and selling ads required human process. This comes with numerous limitations that may affect the persons involved hence taking longer periods to conclude the deal and increasing the cost of the process. Programmatic video advertising brings in more efficiency in this regard as the systems face little or no likelihood of being affected by the different situations surrounding he human operations.

With incorporation of the programmatic advertising with mobile technology, the service becomes even better. This means that other than automation, it is possible for potential buyers and sellers to transact from any location irrespective of time and geographical boundaries. This makes it a global platform where buyers and sellers from across the globe interact, make business and exchange ideas.

It does not mean that robots are being used as replacements for human man power. The use of mobile programmatic advertising simply means that the menial task of crossing the deals and making sales is now simplified. This leaves developers with more time to concentrate on bigger and better innovations to grow the industry. It also removes the numerous bureaucratic processes normally involved in traditional settings a factor that ensures the developers have the opportunity to fully reap the benefits of their efforts. It is therefore a big boost to the industry.

Programmatic mobile advertising points to the future of the industry. On this platform, the industry is growing in bounds. Advertising agencies are on the rush to acquire as many programmatic channels as possible while a number of major companies are creating individual in-house teams to handle the new technology. Through this, there is also an opportunity to tap in to numerous talents from developers with little or no access to major players in the traditional settings. It therefore means there is projected growth in bound expected in the industry.


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