Apparently, most people have heard of programmatic advertising frequently but unfortunately, have no clue about what it means and what it is about. Therefore, just know that you are not alone in this confusion. Though programmatic advertising is a recent development, we cannot term it as something extremely new in the market. Notably, it is among the hottest buzzwords in the ads industry. This indicates that it has been around for some time.  It has been termed as famous and more effective and thus replacing most of the traditional ad spaces or both the mobile apps as well as websites.

What is this recent technological advancement anyway? Simply stated, mobile programmatic advertising involves the use of automated technology as compared to the manual traditional means of digital advertising. In other words, it has simplified and enhanced the whole process of media buying. For instance, the traditional methods and processes were tedious and slow and thus inefficient especially when required to deal with huge numbers of orders at a time.  Besides, traditional methods limit optimization of attempts to reach right customers since the ads target sites rather than individuals.

What is programmatic advertising? Fortunately, the arrival of programmatic advertising has brought a transition in the digital ad market.  With the technology, the target of the various ads is individual clients or persons. This, therefore, enhances the speed of both buying and selling processes. With the help of audience insights, advertisers can easily and quickly reach out to the right individuals. This ensures that the timing, the context, and the prices are right for both the buyers and the sellers. Apparently, programmatic advertising has enhanced the campaign expansion process, especially for mobile advertisers. To start with, the technology easily identifies the campaigns’ best users.  Secondly, it can buy ad inventories through auctions, but each impression at a time.  The technology is also designed to reach to a huge number of impressions.  Finally, based on the information available about the person to purchase the ad, developers purchase the impression at a price that is specific to their campaigns. Eventually, the clutter of non-relevant ads is broken through and thus increasing efficiency and at the same time reducing waste.

Notably, there are several advantages linked to programmatic advertising. Nevertheless, the technology still has a long way to go to brighten the future of advertising.  More is expected including programmatic video advertising. As the total digital spend is expected to rise, so is the programmatic advertising technology expected to advance.


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